Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That's me on TV

While writing a series of blog posts about Florida's attempts to suppress the vote in the coming 2012 presidential election, I was asked to appear on a national cable TV show, Jennifer Granholm's War Room, on Current TV, and talk about the issue as an expert.

With only a couple of hours notice, I rushed over to the almost-empty studios of our local PBS station in Boynton Beach, where a technician placed me behind a desk, stuck an earpiece in my ear and gave me a signal. I was on! 

I didn't have a video monitor, couldn't see the guy who was talking to me (he was in San Francisco) and didn't know exactly what he'd want me to talk about. 

But this was how it came out:

And here are stories I wrote for the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting blog on voting issues: